Monday, 4 February 2013

Engineering as a Career

Engineering as a career has attracted the student fraternity of the country in a big way and the large number of aspirants taking the engineering exams are testimony to the fact. Engineering is a multi-disciplined field with new disciplines and branches being added with the advancement of science and technology.

Though a large number of students appear for different engineering exams like the IITs, AIEEEs, JEE. but few are aware of the various career options that engineering as a profession offers. The basic engineering disciplines include Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical ,Computers , IT and Aerospace engineering.

With the development of technology new engineering disciplines like biotechnology, computer, automobile engineering and genetic engineering have gained immense popularity among students.


Engineering is the field with vast scope. Various areas of engineering can be specialized. If you have great skills, right educational background then there is huge scope for you. If you have specialized in specific area of engineering and have experience then you can expect higher posts with handsome salary packages.

The discipline aids you to obtain and employ mathematical, technical and scientific knowledge for designing and executing devices, materials, machines, structures, machines, processes and systems to comprehend the intended objective in a safe and effective manner.

With fast paced advancements and expansions in various industries like chemical, electrical, IT, transportation, construction, etc. there are immense opportunities for engineers in India. Obviously, India has become hot job destination for fresh and experienced engineers. From software to mechanical engineers to electrical engineers to civil engineers, all sorts of engineers are in great demand across various sectors of the economy.

There are bright prospects for engineers in India. The scope of engineering field cannot be limited to just one specific industry. Engineering technique and perspective can be helpful and applied in almost each industry. It can cover all edges of a company such as design, quality, maintenance, production, etc. From fresher, trainees to directorial levels engineering jobs are on a roll in India. Various openings in several reputed companies for different posts like Factory Manager, Quality Manager, Head, Project Manager, Land Surveyor, Production Senior Electrical Manager, Service Engineer, Unit Head, Foundry Operator, Site Engineer, Design Engineer, etc. are waiting for the right candidate.

Both Indian and MNCs offer handsome salary packages for engineering jobs. In fact, salary package depends upon your skills, educational background and experience. After a prolonged slow down, all across the globe now the Indian economy is in big boom. Almost every major sector has begun to pick up the pace. Hence almost all companies are engaged in hiring activity. All top notch companies are planning to recruit large number of personnel. Every sector is gearing up and racing high.

Engineering has a wide scope in India as a great job option. In coming years, there will be great demand for expert and experienced engineers.

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