Tuesday, 12 March 2013

One Year Executive MBA – Admission Open @ CIMT COLLEGE

Admission Open for One Year Executive MBA through Regular and Distance Learning mode. 

Admission Open for One Year Executive MBA through Regular and Distance Learning mode

The One Year Executive MBA Programme is specially designed to provide executives with the skills and knowledge they need to get ahead in their careers. The transition from being a Professional to a Manager, in today's knowledge economy, needs a sound grounding in the core disciplines of Management, as well as skills in Leadership and Strategy

Program Objective
This program will provide you with the skills needed to be an effective manager, leader and strategist,the skills you need to enhance business competitiveness and interact effectively with executive management as a strategic business partner.

Candidates who have passed any Bachelor's degree of a recognized University with not less than 3 years of work experience.
Diploma holders (10+3) with five years work experience.

The Program Duration for Executive MBA will be One Year comprising of Two Semesters.

Candidates successfully completing the program will be awarded a degree in Executive Master of Business Administration from Karnataka State Open University, Mysore.

For Spot Admission:
Call: 9560967265

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tips for Choosing the Right Career

Is it true that you are searching for tips for picking the right lifework? Selecting a profession is a critical choice, so you positively may as well recognize all significant elements before making up your brain. You would like to use years arranging to drop in a calling just to discover that its not ideal for you. Here are a couple thoughts to help you begin pondering what job alternatives may be the best decisions for you.

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Career

1. Private Preferences

Make certain to think seriously about your private inclination when picking a profession. You'll use an amazing few hours every day performing your work, so its critical to determine that you pick a profession where you can do things you appreciate in an earth where you feel agreeable. Deciding to work in a field that is an exceptional fit for your talents and abilities is paramount, however its moreover vital to select an occupation where you'll have the capacity to perform work that you will truly like.

Case in point, provided that you have extraordinary math and science abilities and are intrigued by a calling where you have a chance to help other individuals, picking a lifework in the medicinal services field may be a great decision for you. Nonetheless, there are numerous choices inside this field, some of which may be all the more speaking to individuals who are friendly and delight in being around other individuals while others are more qualified for individuals who would give anything to work autonomously, antiquated.

2. Ready Employment Opportunities

Any time acknowledging lifework decisions, its absolutely vital to contemplate the work business. Check out what sorts of vocations are presently sought after, and additionally what chances are needed to exist sometime later. You would like to invest time planning for a purposeful vocation just to identify when you are completed the process of educating that your aptitudes are no longer popular.

Find the callings that premium you in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a yearly connected distribution prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor, to study about wanted development or decay of work chances in the years to come.

3. Readiness Requirements

When selecting a job field, its essential to be mindful of what amount of formal educating is essential for section into the calling. Verify that you discover if there are any particular instructive prerequisites to drop in or climb inside the fields that investment you. While scholarly prerequisites might as well not avoid you from following a specific sort of occupation, it is significant that you have a reasonable comprehending of what amount of time, endeavor and cash it takes to get ready for any occupations that you are thinking about.

For certain callings, a field-particular undergraduate or graduate degree is an essential for even the most section level of occupations. State licensure or expert accreditation is likewise needed to drop in numerous occupations. There are moreover callings that you may have the capacity to start without broad educating, however will require progressed training with a specific end goal to move past passage level positions.

4. Recompense Expectations

When deciding to drop in a calling, determine that you have reasonable needs about what sort of payment you can need. While you may as well not select an occupation singularly dependent upon pay, it is significant to be cognizant of wages wants when settling on choices regarding your destiny job.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a great asset of portions about normal and average wages for specific callings and in addition for qualified information about work viewpoint. Also, you might need to scan assist needed postings for the sorts of occupations that think you might delight in in the geographic area where you plan to exist and work. Doing this can furnish you with a general thought of neighborhood compensation goes for the vocation fields that you are acknowledging.

5. Profession Assessment Testing

Deciding on a job is a huge choice. There's an exceptional risk that there are numerous occupations that you may be decently suited for that you have never even become aware of. As a substitute for picking just from those vocations that you know exist, think about facing a profession appraisal test to recognize occupations that may be decently suited for you.

Provided that you are still in secondary school or school, your direction instructor or scholarly consultant can most likely propose a profession appraisal test for you. In the event that you past that focus in your existence, visit the One Stop Career Center in your neighborhood make an errand to examine job appraisal trying with a vocation advocate. Alternately, you might need to contract a private profession advisor to work with you to help you recognize suitable vocation plausible outcomes.

Planning for Career Success

Applying the aforementioned tips for picking the right profession is an awesome path to verify that you contemplate all appropriate elements when settling on choices regarding your fate occupation. Choosing what sort of work you need to perform is the first stage in the direction of job victory. When you have chosen a calling, its dependent upon you to begin gaining the educating and abilities essential for auspicious entrance into your decided on for field

Article courtesy of College of Information Management and Technology.